Never miss a TV show or Movie again — Reelgood.

So many streaming services. Millions of movies and TV shows. Why don’t they make a smart app to tell me when my movies and shows are available on my streaming services? They do now — Reelgood.

Remember the simplicity of the TV Guide? There was magic to just picking up the tabletop catalog and opening it to the date and finding all your choices listed by time and channel.

The app that can remind you what you’re missing!

I just discovered Reelgood and my viewing plans are chaos no more. Did I mention yet that it’s FREE?

I am a channel flipper on regular TV. There are many choices and, most of the time, nothing to watch. Suddenly someone in my family will say did you see this show? Unfortunately, it isn’t on Netflix or Hulu or HBO any longer, but it was great. Another miss on my scorecard.

Reelgood is a website and/or a simple app for your phone. Create a free account, tell them the entertainment services to which you subscribe. Instantly you can view all the available programs that are free to you on those services.

From Reelgood‘s main page, you can view what is New, Coming, or Leaving your subscribed streaming services so you won’t miss programming. You may choose to create “watch lists” of movies or TV shows coming to the service in the future, or even flag movies you missed in the theaters. Reelgood will check their availability for you and alert you when they are for rent or free to you.

Probably my favorite feature is the ability to search for movies or TV shows you always wish you’d seen. I’m a classic western fan so I was thrilled to be able to find dozens of old westerns listed with the streaming services they were available on currently. For those I don’t currently have access, I can mark the program and wait for them to come available.

Did you hear Reelgood is free? It’s nice when a free account actually shows benefits up front.

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