The Step-by-Step guide to cord cutting.

Get rid of costly cable and satellite bills now!

TV Antennas


Truly Free Over the Air (OTA) Local TV.

Best media streaming devices

Media Servers.

Firestick, Roku, Sling, AppleTV


Using your Smart TV’s powers.

Going Rogue.

Yes there are other options.

How much should TV really cost?

The FCC’s most recent estimate of basic cable service costs in the United States (which is from 2013) stated the average household pays $64.41 for the most basic TV package. The cost of cable TV in the 12 months proceeding that report increased by 5.1% compared to only a 1.6% increase in the consumer price index. That should make you nuts as a cable subscriber. The cost of basic TV went up FIVE TIMES faster than all other costs for running your household.

You can get more value for your entertainment dollar — a lot more!

In 2020 there are other options! The only thing that ties you to that hefty cable bill you’re paying is your own knowledge and your ability to make a few changes in your home.

Now that you know…

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